PLB Dubai



PLB is a professional company that focuses on the procurement & supply of Vehicles, Spare parts and Consumables with their expertise and with the support of its alliances. Headquartered in Dubai and also located in Africa and India. We have engineered a long-standing relationship within the market, that has been essential to our success. We've got strategic relationships with makers of Vehicles and Spare Parts components. PLB isn't solely a dialogue unit that sells merchandise however a service oriented company giving high levels of service to attain best client satisfaction.

Vision Statement

  • To set the standard for industries we serve and to be the organization against which others are measured and to continually strive for excellence in all that we do.
  • To provide highest quality products to our customers.
  • To provide the highest level of customer service & satisfaction in the industry.
  • To maintain the highest standards of honesty and integrity.

Our Goals

  • To supply the best quality products.
  • To deliver on time with 100% satisfaction.
  • To use the best business practices in a professional manner.
  • To treat our customers, suppliers, employees with trust and respect.
  • To strive for a level of product quality and service that exceeds expectations.

Core Values

  • Timeless Guiding Principles.
  • Leadership.
  • Integrity.
  • Quality and Continuous Improvement.
  • Customer Satisfaction.
  • Commitment to Client, Suppliers and employees.
  • A diverse and involved team.